Shamshir Zamouk

Shamshir Zamouk


The World Strongest Warrior




20s - 30s (born in Melius 701)




Kingdom of Azuelgatt




General of Azuellgatt Army


Colada D'el Cid


  • Shaldile Zamouk (father)
  • Khukuri Zamouk (mother)


Yuko Kaida

Shamshir Zamouk is a character from Chapter 1 and one of the main characters of the Epic of Zektbach. A presitigious warrior and dancer from the Kingdom of Azuellgatt, daughter of a general and a dancer, she combined their abilities into a deadly battle dance that quickly gave her an advantage over any army. She brought her country to prosperity, but her weapon being a Ristaccia blade, she started going berserk before annihilating her own nation. She is the murderer of Lien and one of L'erisia's puppets.

Appearance Edit

Shamshir is described as a beautiful woman in every one of her appearances. She has thick, straight black hair that reaches down to the middle of her back, and black-purple eyes, that turn red (in the OVA) when she is controlled by Ristaccia. Her body features are notably more prominent than any of the other characters', since her role as a dancer is capital in her story.

Despite being a military leader, Shamshir always wears a dancer's outfit, composed of a dark green, fine gutra adorned with a purple jewel and a feather, purple earrings, a golden necklace, fingerless gloves, large golden bracelets, a simple dark green bra, a similarly-coloured slit skirt surrounded by a chain adorned with diamonds, and fushia dance shoes. She wields the Colada D'el Cid, her Ristaccia scimitar, in almost all of her artworks.

Story Edit

Shamshir was born in Amuss, a city to the south of Isfaphan, Azuelgatt's capital. Her father was Shaldile, the commander in chief of the kingdom army. Her mother was Khukuri, a world-class famous dancer. Born into such an outstanding family, Shamshir mastered both swordsmanship and dancing. Moreso, she really had some natural talent for both fields.

She combined her father's swordsmanship with her mother's dance, and created her unique "Battle Dance", a beautiful and deadly skill that made her nearly invincible in close combat. And even moreso, she was a skilled archer too. That is to say, she was an all-around talented warrior. The whole continent was deeply impressed by her superior strength and her gorgeous battle dance.

She was invested as the new head of the army, which at the time mostly served as a police force, since there was no war to be fought. A criminal she arrested pointed her to a weapon she would find far away, and intrigued, she went to retrieve it. It was a cimitar, called the Colada D'el Cid. Upon wielding it, Shamshir became more powerful than ever.

One day, the neighbouring Holy KIngdom of Noigllado suddenly declared war on Azuellgatt. Facing Shamshir in Doroah, the Holy Noigllado Knightage was doomed, losing more than half of its men to the dancer alone. From then on, Azuellgatt conquered more and more of the Holy Kingdom's territory, possessing two thirds of the Galukia continent. Shamshir became a hero for all of the people in her country.

After the war, the king was frightened by her power and wanted her expelled. Later, she was arrested while performing battle dance for citizens, killing a number of them. At that time, the piece of Ristaccia began to flash brightly and then, Shamshir killed all the people there in no time. Several days later, the kingdom was doomed, and Shamshir became a marionette of Ristaccia. She was only freed by A'milia when she woke up from her centuries-long sleep in Chapter 7, and along with her and the twins, went on to fight L'erisia.

Trivia Edit

  • A shamshir is the name given to a type of curved middle eastern sabre that inclines roughly five to fifteen degrees from the tip of the blade to that of the hold, such as the Colada del Cid. This name is originally the persian word for sword, thus, Shamshir was named accordingly to her life as a warrior.
  • Shamshir is the only main character who had an OVA of her own story, also one of the only main characters who doesn't have CD Audios.