Pop n' MusicEdit

List of arrangements appearing in Pop n' Music and characters.

Songs Release Characters

BATTLE DANCE/ Shamshir Dance

Pop n' Music 14 Fever! (2006) Shamshir

ORATORIO / Apocalypse - Memento Mori -

Pop n' Music 15 Adventure (2007) Hannes
IDM / Zeta - 素数の世界と超越者 - Pop n' Music 15 Adventure (2007) Sigma (∑)
EPIC POETRY / Blind Justice - Torn Souls, Hurt Faiths - Pop n' Music 16 Adventure (2008) Nox / Matin
ORIENTAL MYTHOLOGY / Kagachi Pop n' Music 18 Sengoku Retsuden (2010) Gijiri
ELEMENTAL JIG / The Sealer Pop n' Music 20 Fantasia (2012) A'milia

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