The second official Epic of Zektbach music CD released in March 21, 2011, Masinowa tells the history of the civilizations on the Eastern continent, Eijeek - the Yamaji and the Kagachi - and then the fate of Malchut, thus spanning from Chapters 5 to 8, and ending the Epic's plotline, as well as revealing its more profound meaning.


  1. Masinowa 神国マシノワ
  2. Kagachi 蛇神
  3. Omifushisama 山神
  4. Junaguni Ruins ユナグニ遺跡
  5. Sazaragi サザラギの者達
  6. Wenkamui エンカムイ
  7. Raison d'être 交差する宿命
  8. Malchut マルクトの歌
  9. The Sealer 封印者
  10. L'avide ル・アビデ
  11. Nunc omnia rident 大樹の思い
  12. Charcol's Sword Dance 流麗なるチャコルの剣舞
  13. Trisagion 浄化の祈り (Orchestration & Choir version)
  14. ZETA 素数の世界と超越者 (Orchestration & Choir version)
  15. Turii~Panta rhei~ トゥーリと星の民 (Orchestration & Choir version)
  16. Malchut マルクトの歌 (Orchestration & Choir version)
  17. Aria te'Laria メインテーマ~アリア・テ・ラリア~ (Orchestration version)


  1. Zeta
  2. Raison D'Etre ~Crossing Fates~
  3. Apocalypse ~Momento Mori~
  4. Kagachi

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