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Kana Hanazawa

Malchut is a member of the Star children. Despite being genderless at first, she is portrayed as being female in the Epic from as soon as she leaves the Turii island, as she then breaks its balance and gives herself and all other Star Children a gender.

She was the eldest of the Star Children, and had to be sacrificed as their rites dictated, but she was saved from drowning in her sacrifice by Kukaru, a Sazaragi member, who brought her to kingdom of Masinowa.

She has a major role - as big as L'erisia's - in the Epic's plotline.


Malchut has black and white hair as well as amber eyes. She wears the standard outfit of the Star children which is a pink collar, panties, and a cape.

When Kukaru brings her to Masinowa, she wears a more complete attire, comprised of a plaid dress of an unknown color, on top of which is a white kimono with pink rings at its ends, complete with a large obi on her chest.

When she transforms into A'milia, her appearance becomes completely different. Her hair changes to pure, shining white, and grows to reach her feet. Her eyes become pure green and her skin turns absolute white as well. She then wears a white dress with green lines running along its ends, with a similar cape and boots. A'milia kept Kukaru's red hairpiece as a keepsake, that she dons around her head.


Spoiler warning!
This article contains plot details.

A 15 year-old and genderless, Malchut was created on the Turii island along with the other Star People. Their purpose was to keep the world balanced ; since the Ristaccia War had damaged it, the Turii children helped it recover. For them to do so, they were all genderless - thus had no sexuality and could not evolve or mutate in any way -, had no knowledge of any sort of "outside world", and could not feel any sensation or emotion ; they just lived quietly and peacefully, isolated on the island, being absolute polar opposites to the chaos and awareness brought by Ristaccia.

There were ten Star People to keep the balance going : to do so, they marked their age on their bodies, using rings that correspond to one year each.The oldest one (age 15) had to return to nature (die) in a ceremony called the Turii ~Panta Rhei~. Malchut one day realized she had to return to nature, so the other Star people danced around her as she slowly and quietly went into the water.


Malchut is rescued by a startled Kukaru

But, out of youthful exuberance, a thief named Kukaru, who had been observing the ceremony, interrupted it all of a sudden. He belonged to the Sazaragi Agency that was responsible for exploring distant lands and their heritage. In his sense of justice, Kukaru rescued Malchut from drowning, much to his relief and her shock. Because of his interference, the harmonious circulating flow of Turii had been interrupted and chaos would soon begin. Malchut was then taken away to Masinowa, leaving the other nine star people behind on the island, causing disorder. This break in the ring of harmony caused the disruption of causality between the stars and the planet. Malchut gradually awakened to the disruption of the natural balance of the planet. She realized that the disruption was now present and that she now did not have the power to eliminate it.

Gradually, however, she grew close to Kukaru as he taught her to speak. Even though she could not feel any qualia (emotion/sensation), she listened to and learnt what he had to tell. She eventually managed to shout out "Miria", meaning "Friends" in her native tongue, which Kukaru mistook for her name, calling her this way from that day on.

However, she was somehow interferring with his Kagachi mark, which Gijiri was worried about. His attitude moved from worried to threatening, and he planned to kill her in order for her not to interfere anymore, and also because she was meant to be dead in the first place. Kukaru and "Miria" thus fled, eventually arriving at the burnt Jokatsu ruins.


Malchut destroys Masinowa, as pictured in Turii ~Panta Rhei~

There, Gijiri attempted to lure her and kill her, but Kukaru took the hit and died instead. Only then did she start feeling emotions, most notably despair. This very same day, she destroyed the whole of the Kingdom of Masinowa.

Wandering aimlessly, desperate, tortured and torn by her power, her new emotions and her endless questions, she was brought to the Skyship Ruins by the voice of L'erisia. Upon meeting her, her power unleashed uncontrollably, forming a gigantic tree there. The embodiment of Ristaccia, however, swiftly dodged the offensive and soon enough, Malchut, still uncontrollably, changed herself into a giant lotus flower, falling into a deep slumber.

An isolated tribe, the Amourina, descending from one of the eight ancient races, and that had not yet been absorbed by the Holy Kingdom of Noigllado, discovered the flower, and heard, coming from inside, a faint feminine voice whispering "Miria" constantly. Bewildered, they decided to preserve this flower, that they named "A'milia", for one of their legends said it was a sacred being, "The Sealer", that would one day awaken. Fleeing to the Myutes fall to protect their discovery from Noigllado, they changed their name to the Milian tribe.

Indeed, six hundred years later, the flower blossomed like never before, and opened, revealing a transformed Malchut, with a totally new appearance, now taking on the name of the flower she had been in for all that time. She went away to free Shamshir, Nox, and Matin from the curse of Ristaccia ; along the way, she met Gijiri one last time, on the island of L'avide, and fulfilled his death wish, killing him herself. The party then went to the ruins to fight L'erisia in a showdown to end her control over the world.

This final confrontation led to both fundamental forces being weakened and nearly destroyed ; all living beings now march on to an unknown fate.


  • A'milia has been described by Zektbach as being the real protagonist to the Epic.
  • Malchut and all other nine Star Children are named after the Sephiroth of the judaic Kabbalah's tree of life. Malchut is the bottom-most Sephirah of the tree, and means "Kingdom" ; it represents the physical world, the result of the actions of the divine power and all other nine Sephiroth.
  • Despite Malchut's role as the embodiment of nature, and its defender against Ristaccia/L'erisia, embodiment of meme, she can be affected by meme, or at least, could before becoming A'milia. As shown in Raison d'Être, she could retain memories and attach them to emotions before this transformation, abilities only granted by the gem.

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