Lien Clewing

Lien Clewing


  • The World Intelligent Being
  • Transcendental Being




14 (Melius 709 - 723)




Holy Kingdom of Noigllado




Mathematical Genius


  • Unnamed Father
  • Unnamed Mother
  • Sigma (Creator)
  • Matin Catorce (Successor)
  • Nox Catorce (Successor)

Lien Clewing (romanized as Lian) is a character from Chapter 2 and one of the main protagonists of the Epic of Zektbach. A talented, prodigious mathematician, he was enlightened by Sigma and became a transcendental being. His mission was to seek the truth about Ristaccia's nature.

Appearance Edit

Lien, despite being fourteen in the chapter where he appears and dies, has grey hair, contrasting with his very young-looking face. He has olive green eyes, and slightly pale skin. He is almost always depicted as either thinking or in an apparent trance caused by his transcendental vision.


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Lien was born in Ridenbourg, The Academic City of the Holy Kingdom of Noigllado, which at the time was not under the total control of Agiona. His father was a famous archaeologist who was emprisoned and had to abandon him, and since his mother died when he was young, he was raised in the Royal Library by officials. He grew up to be a mathematical prodigy and one day, found a note left by his father telling him to go to the Olivie Ruins where he discovered Sigma.

He felt her existence when he was working at a puzzle concerning prime numbers. When he was taking his Journey in the fantasy world of numbers - which was how he viewed mathematics - he found a shorter way to solve the puzzle. He named the way "The Lane Of Zeta."

Lien met Sigma in the lane. She threw seven of the world's hardest puzzles to him to test his talent, and he solved all of them. At that time, he had his idea straightened out and began to know the ultimate truth of the world. With Sigma's guidance, he even "evolved" to a higher level than a simple humina, becoming the second of known transcendental beings (Joah being the first).

After that, he made sure his evolved genes were not lost by passing them on to a child in gestation, but unfortunately, it was actually a pair of twins, so the genes were divided between them.

Sigma, who had forever been seeking the truth of Ristaccia, gave him the task to discover it. He went to the Skyship Ruins in order to uncover this mystery.

There, behind a door that could only be opened with his transcendental powers, he discovered the memos of a mysterious man named Joah. Before he could go anywhere far into reading them, he was met with Shamshir, who, under the control of Ristaccia, was on a mission to hunt down the transcendental beings, and killed him.

Thanks to Nox and Matin, however, his powers were not lost forever.

Trivia Edit

  • "Lien", his first name, is the French word for "Link". A clewing, in English, is defined as "a ball of yarn or thread". Thus, both his given name and family name reference his ability to link all of his pieces of knowledge together, forming the lanes that allow him to quickly solve puzzles.