The Snake God




14 - 731 (Melius 9 - 740)


Humina (Kagachin)






Leader of Sazaragi


Ame no Hoakari


  • Unnamed Father
  • Minawa/Ido (Friend)
  • Misakuya (Love interest)
  • Kukaru (Employee/Brother in heart)


  • Fuyuka Oura (Child)
  • Takehito Koyasu (Adult)

Gijiri is a character from Chapter 5 of the Epic of Zektbach. He is of the Kagachi bloodline. He is the founder and leader of the Sazaragi agency, the wielder of Ame no Hoakari, and the most powerful user of the Snake God's powers, to whom he gave his soul.

Appearance Edit

Gijiri is an extremely paled-skin (although this may just be due to MAYA's style) man with black hair and bright red eyes, the right one bearing a snake-like tatoo ; his face has notably fine features, making him appear almost androgynous or feminine in some pictures. As the leader of the Sazaragi, he has become rich and usually has somptuous clothings with long pans of white fur going down his back. This same fur is also visible in his hair.

In his childhood, as a poor Jakotsu villager, he wore dirty and torn white clothes. His face was a lot more tired and his hair was shorter and less tidy.

Under the influence of the Snake God, Gijiri's right eye's pupil changes size wildly and rapidly, and a snake-like appendice comes out of his back.

Story Edit

Gijiri was born in a dirty, crowded villaged named Jakotsu, in the kingdom of Masinowa on the Eijeek continent. It had rough soil, and small fields. The strong stench of corpses hung in the air, of cattle piled at the side of the village. He was borth with the status of "filth". Facing the village was a large, clean, plantation belonging to the Konohana. The two places were separated by a river flowing between the two, with a bridge that connected the areas. However, the villagers of Jakotsu were not permitted to cross the bridge.

One day, the Chief of the Konohana estate crossed over the bridge with his wife and daughter Misakuya, likely with orders for the Jakotsu villagers. Covered in dirt in sweat, Gijiri noticed the young girl sitting under a tree with her parents. He was captivated and lost his senses, as he approached the girl without thinking. The girl's father became enraged, and Gijiri's father beat him as discipline for not knowing his place. Gijiri could not understand why his father beat him, why everyone in his village looked fearful, and why the beautiful girl looked at him with disdain.

The boy grew into a man, but could only vaguely grasp the situation that he was born into. According to legend, his people can summon Kagachi, the Snake Lord, therefore marking them with "impure" blood. Gijiri was infuriated that his people would sit back and accept their discrimination and treatment because of the hand fate dealt. He thought that if he sought out to become as educated and elegant as the people of Konohana, they would approve of him.

His efforts to seek approval did him no good, he could not get across the bridge to the other side. He was still considered a filthy, low-class Kagachi. Gijiri felt that in order for change, the future and past would have to be extinguished, someone would have to be destroyed. With that, he set fire to the village.

After he burnt the whole village of Jakotsu, he went on with his friend Minawa to explore the south of the Eijeek continent to discover the past of the Kagachi bloodlines in the ruins of Wenkamui. There, he founded the Sazaragi agency, an organization of thieves and explorers. When the experiments he conducted on various evolution processes in Wenkamui went wrong, Minawa sealed the entire continent and told him to go back to the north.

There, he returned to Masinowa, and his secret Sazaragi agency went on to take gradual control of the main power houses there. That same agency later caused the entirety of the Turii events, as they were sent to explore Turii and arrived during Malchut's Turii ~Panta Rhei~. Kukaru, a Sazaragi explorer, and descendant of the now-dead Misakuya, then took it upon himself to save her and forcibly brought her to Masinowa.

Gijiri did not interact much with Malchut, as she was, in his words, "supposed to be dead". He let Kukaru try and teach her how to speak, and attended his usual matters ; however, at some point, Gijiri noticed an energy "interfererence" between his and Kukaru's snake birthmark - the proof of their Kagachin lineage. Worried about Kukaru's safety as he was Misakuya's son, his brother in heart, and a fellow Kagachin, he decided to kill Malchut. Since Kukaru refused, he attempted to lure them out ; but the Sazaragi member sacrificed himself to protect the Turii child.

Devastated before the dead body of Kukaru, Gijiri had to watch Malchut destroy the Kingdom of Masinowa. Seven hundred years later, he met her once again on the island of L'avide, and tired of being immortal and not heading anywhere, asked her to make him a mortal again. Aging in an instant, he died in peace.

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