Apocalypse ~dirge of swans~ is the first PV in the Epic by order of release - as well as the very first media in the Epic at all. It depicts the story of Chapter 4 and its heroine Hannes Farrugia. The song that goes with it was composed by Zetkbach and the lyrics/vocal are credited to Yu Tokiwa. The VJ is Michael-Keroich. Its first musical appearance was in Beatmania IIDX 13 DistoreD.

Events Edit

We see a picture of swans, rose petals. After this, Hannes is seen, who seems to be praying to "God." Then 8 pictures are seen. Hannes is seen again, this time holding the sword Apocalypse, and some people who might be the villagers in hunger are above Hannes. Hannes, like in the Ristaccia PV, she is wearing her war clothes, and "talking" to her sword. The video ends with Hannes seeing "herself."